Complementary Activities


COMPLEMENTARY ACTIVITIES consist of a number of Activity Programmes also organised by the Extracurricular Activities Department at the school, spanning different periods of the school year and usually carried out outside the “comfort zone” of the school. Some of these educations activities are described as follows:

White Week programme: “LEARN IN WHITE”

FEATURES We get on the bus every day from our accommodation to Cerler ski station, and join the pistes at Ampriu, thus avoiding having to take the ski lift with all our equipment. The children and monitors accompanying them alight from the bus on the pistes, next to the services building (canteen, café, toilets, lockers, medical services, etc.) and then take the different ski lifts  according to their skiing levels. All the equipment is stored at the ski station, thus making it easier for us to ski down the slopes and more convenient and less tiring for the pupils. The pupils are accompanied by teachers and monitors assigned to the Extracurricular Activities Department at the school, who make sure they stay safe and cater for their needs. Ángel Artal makes sure the staff are perfectly coordinated while there, and he reports the group’s progress to the families on a daily basis with pictures on our specific White Week BLOG.

OBJECTIVES To learn and/or improve skiing/snowboard techniques, whilst becoming familiar with the natural environment as a source of cultural and leisure wealth, respecting the natural environment and group discipline. To live and cooperate as a group, developing our autonomy and personal identity, respecting to teachers, monitors and people in the village and ski station.

DATES: Last week of February.

PLACE: CERLER Ski Station. Accommodation at Benasque Mountain School.

FOR: Years 3 to 6 Primary School.

VIDEO: Pictures speak louder than words, click on the link to see last year’s video.


New Registrations now open: SUMMER CAMP 2018

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Pyrenees English Summer Camp programme: CBA SUMMER CAMP

PROJECT: the project began 8 years ago on initiative by theExtracurricular & Complementary Activities department at CBA and has been consistently successful year after year. It is a Summer Camp which takes place in Sarvisé (Huesca), at the natural entrance to Ordesa Valley in the heart of the Aragonese Pyrenees, from 1st to 10th July for children in Year 2 Primary to Year 2 Secondary. It features a varied programme of activities, trips into nature, sports activities (rafting, zip wires and tree-top walks, pony trekking, etc.), creative workshops and chats, where ENGLISH will be a key tool for daily use and the main language during all the activities carried out inside the Camp. Both the management and organisation of the programme will be undertaken from the school itself, with teachers and monitors with wide experience assigned to the centre, and under the direction and supervision of the extracurricular activities coordinator, Ángel Artal.

VIDEO: You can see the summary of the Summer Camp 2017 and see what a good time the children had last year… There is a prize for anyone who can find somebody WITHOUT a smile on their face!

As is common to all our activities outside the school, communication with families is on a daily basis to show the group’s progress and the photographs/videos we take every day. This is all available through the specific Camp BLOG.

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English day camp: CBA SUMMER SCHOOL

Summer Day School English Open School summer programme, held at CBA in June and July: “CBA SUMMER SCHOOL

CBA SUMMER SCHOOL: This is a Day Camp that has been held at the school for 7 years organised by the Extracurricular Activities Department and aims at supporting conciliation of work and family life for parents of school children during the summer school holiday period. It is for children from Year 1 Infant School (3 years) to Year 4 Primary School and consists of opening the school from the first day of holidays in June to the end of July, from Monday to Friday with a basic timetable of 09:00 to 15:00 (with the possibility of extending the timetable and reducing it with the early-risers service and afternoon service) carrying out a programme of leisure and free time in ENGLISH for all families who are interested in their children spending an enjoyable time over the summer mornings in an environment they are already familiar with. The programme includes different creative workshops, sports activities, swimming pool, mid-morning snack, lunch and transport. It is organised in thematic weeks and is managed by the school through the Extracurricular and Complementary Activities department, with collaboration by bilingual monitors assigned to the school who already know the pupils.


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