Association of former students of the British School of Aragon

WHAT IS The Alumni

The Alumni, of the Association of former students of the British School of Aragon, is a core project in the framework of the Strategic Marketing and Communication Plan of the centre’s community.

The Alumni was created with the aim of forming an active forum for former students to meet in order to cultivate growth and collaboration between ex-students and the school.

MISSION of The Alumni

 Powerful relationships form powerful institutions.

Building, maintaining and nourishing an active Alumni with a strong presence in forming the narrative of the academic life of the Educational Community of the British School of Aragon.

This mission entails the creation of pragmatic and permanent connections with graduating students in order to contribute to the strengthening of the institution’s foundations and to translate this into its sustainable growth in the medium and long term. The idea is to ‘grow together’. In a nutshell, The Alumni seeks to allow graduates to continue learning and contributing and to stay connected to their school throughout their lives going forward.

GOALS of the Alumni

  1. To create an active space for communication between former students which generates engagement and interaction among the different years of leavers.
  2. To generate and drive a Professional Directory (PD) and Database (DB) of former students.
  3. To encourage and promote the engagement of former students in the activities of both The Alumni and the school.
  4. To showcase the outstanding career achievements of former students.
  5. To plan and articulate the Annual Programme of Activities for former students.
  6. To help to build loyalty and to attract new families into our Educational Community.

JOIN the Alumni

To sign up and form a part of The Alumni, Association of former students of the British School of Aragon, just fill in the form below.

Once we have confirmed your details match our records, we will contact you to confirm your Alumni membership.

If you have any questions or queries or suggestions for improvements, please send an email to Manuel Zaragoza, The Head of The Alumni, at the following email address


Years 2018 – 19