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How is the British School of Aragon organised?

The Schools special organisation means that parents, as members of the British School of Aragon Cultural Association, are the true driving force behind our school. We stand out for our personalised education and a warm, harmonious atmosphere, which we achieve with classes of an average of 20 pupils, and a teacher / pupil ratio of 1:11 and close collaboration between parents, tutors and the Orientation Department which is always there to guide us.

With young teachers, although with wide experience, most with permanent work contracts, we have always been at the vanguard of educational innovation. By introducing Art and Music at the age of 6 years old, implementation of participation by parents, teachers and pupils in managing the centre through the Board of Governors and implementing cutting edge methodology were a reality at this school much before legislation by the Ministry of Education and Science imposed it for all schools. Our timetable and calendar mean our pupils in Primary Education receive 40% more education time than they would in a state school.

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