A school with Chinese classes

British School of Aragon in Chinese

  • More than 850 hours in Chinese and official certificates
  • Possibility of traveling to China in summer for Secondary and Baccalaureate
  • Approach to Chinese culture with activities at school

Bilingual education

It is quite clear that Chinese is one of the languages of the future. In our increasingly globalised and connected world, learning this Asian language allows students to gain a good knowledge of the Chinese culture and mindset.

And to achieve this, The British School of Aragon has become the pioneering school in Zaragoza to offer students classes in Chinese.

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Chinese lessons

En el Colegio Británico es el único centro de la ciudad aragonesa que ha firmado un acuerdo oficial con el Instituto Confucio de Hanban y la Universidad de Zaragoza, ofreciendo a alumnos, familias y docentes un acercamiento a la cultura china.

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As with the other languages we teach, such as French and German, we strongly believe that the best moment to start to learn a second foreign language is in primary education. For this reason, at The British School we ensure that all students who wish to do so are able to take Chinese as a part of their curriculum, accumulating more than 850 classroom hours during their schooling.

Throughout their schooling, Chinese classes are organised so as students can obtain the different official certificates issued by the Confucius Institute.

Likewise, secondary and sixth-form students have the opportunity in summer to travel to China where they can study exclusive courses in Chinese culture and language.

In addition to learning Chinese, students are involved in different activities to deepen their knowledge of Chinese culture. In addition to the summer trips, a range of initiatives are organised in the school itself so that students can further explore this ancient culture. These activities include celebrations such as Chinese New Year with an authentic dragon, Chinese traditions, Chinese calligraphy and even Chinese cuisine.

Moreover, the families of students will be informed of business opportunities available in China. At The British School of Aragon we offer much more than Chinese classes: we give you the opportunity to explore the enthralling and unique Chinese culture.

colegio britanico chino zaragoza

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