Compulsory Secondary Education in Zaragoza

British School of Aragon

Secondary Education: What is our method?

  • 65% of classes in English.
  • Research and innovation is always in the classroom (i2).
  • Project work and motivation underpin our methods.
  • Active methodologies to encourage teamwork and social skills.
  • Our curriculum includes French or German and Chinese.
  • Project ONE TO ONE (1 device – 1 student) as a tool for learning, with students being issued with iPads up to 3rd year in secondary and then MACs until the end of sixth form.
  • We work with students to develop public speaking skills, debating and robotics as key important growth areas for the future.

In secondary education at the British School of Aragon we are firmly committed to continue to foster the same system that we have implemented over the years: A dynamic and innovative system in which the English language has a strong presence and plays an important role. We always follow our learning method of “Explore, interact and learn” in which the student is at the very centre of everything that takes place in the School. We give students all the resources they might need as well as optimally designed learning spaces with modern and exclusive facilities.

It is in secondary school when students start to really perfect their multilingual skills, obtaining the B2 certificate in English and the B1 in French, German or Chinese. In fact, more than half of their daily classes for other curriculum subjects are taught in English.

By secondary education the students have naturally gained a lot of experience working in active methodologies. And they continue to do so, by working cooperatively, researching and also debating to foster a capacity for critical thinking, to master of public speaking and to excel at teamwork. Core values for the future.
Our number one priority is for student to develop skills and abilities that will provide them with the tools they need for successful futures. We focus on a method that can be memorised, and what’s more, it is a method that is participative; it engages students and gives then responsibilities throughout the learning process, helping them to become aware of how and why they are learning.

Mathematics 4 4
Spanish Language 4 4
Biology / Geology / Physics-Chemistry 3 3
Geography / History 3 4 English
English Language 4 4 English
2nd Foreing Language 2 3 FR / GER
Technology 3 3 English
Physical Education 2 3 English
Art 2 3 English
Art / Music 2 3 English
ICT - 2 English
Optional Subject - -
Religion / English 1 1 English
Tutoring 1 1 4 individual tutoring periods
TOTAL HOURS 31 35 +17,5%
ENGLISH / FR - GER 23 65,5%

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