British Baby Nursery School in Zaragoza

British School of Aragon

What is British Baby?

This service is for families seeking exceptional and highly professional care for their little ones (from 4 to 24 months). British Baby meets all your child’s needs.

We have a sensory stimulation room, meals prepared by the diet and nutrition experts in our kitchen, top-of-the-range cots and baby bouncers, a private garden, parking spaces for families and special care from our professional, caring and expert staff, who will stimulate your child in English.

4 months

New Arrivals

Exceptional care for all your child’s needs and in constant contact with your family.

12 months


Meal times and sleeping are now regulated. This is when communication in English starts.

24 months


Ready to go into the class for two-year-olds and more highly stimulated than other children.

What’s included in our full-care-service for your baby?

  • 11 months to one year old, from September to July (inclusive).
  • Flexible care hours from 8am to 6pm.
  • New installations perfectly adapted to little ones at such a sensitive age.
  • Restricted entrance area for families using the service, with private parking and a pram park right next to the classroom door.
  • Complete care from 4 months: lunch, naps, stimulation, first steps in English, medication and safety.
  • School staff takes care of the children at a ratio of 1 adult for every 6 children.
  • Maximum occupancy is 14 children: 6 babies from 4-12 months and 8 from 12 to 24 months.
  • Personalised daily reports.
  • Multisensory stimulation room.
  • Private garden.

*We always follow any special paediatric dietary guidelines. Otherwise, you will receive a monthly menu of the meals that your child will enjoy. The good is prepared with all the quality guarantees promised by our cuisine supplier.

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