Primary Education in Zaragoza

British School of Aragon

Primary education What is our method?

  • 70% of our classes are taught by native English teachers.
  • Students are taught French or German and Chinese from 1st year primary.
  • Project-based assignments motivate students and stimulate their creativity, helping them to deal with challenges on a daily basis.
  • Classroom innovation is a core teaching principle.
  • Students receive classes in Programming and Robotics. 
  • Project iPAD (1 device: 1 student) whereby each student receives an iPAD as a tool that they will use throughout their schooling.
  • Active methodologies that encourage teamwork and social skills.

Not all methods work for all students. It basically depends on how each student processes and learns. The British School has its own one-to-one learning methodology. Students don’t use textbooks. We use a dynamic and fun system to create our own content together with students to maximise their autonomy and commitment every day in classes. For us, the classroom and the school is a space for innovation. We create a friendly environment in which students are able to grow and assimilate things in a fun way. Moreover, at The British School, we identify students’ strengths, and teach them critical thinking, communication, cooperation and problem-solving. We encourage effort, interaction and fellowship with others.

In comparison with other centres, we stand out for our bespoke methodology implemented in our centre: “Explore, interact and learn”. We believe that primary education is when children are given the essential tools and foundations that they will continue to develop and which will serve them later. Our methodology includes resources such as projects, cooperative learning, flipped classroom, gamification, project-based learning, design thinking, thinking routines and competency-based learning.

Mathematics 4 5 English en 5th y 6th
Spanish Language 4 5
Tuoring 1 1 4 individual tutoring periods
Science 4 4 English
Religion / English 1 1 English
Physical Education 3 3 English
Art 1 1 English
Music 1 1 English
Drama 0 1 English
English Language 3 5 English
2nd foreing language 0 2 FR / GER
Extra-curricular activities - 5 EN / FR / GER / CN
School Autonomy 3 1 Robotics
- -
TOTAL HOURS 25 35 +40%

In order to consolidate their English, already learned in infant education, The British School uses the JOLLY PHONICS system in which activate participative and interactive methodologies are applied, encouraging teamwork in a variety of different projects in which the student always plays a central role.

In the second and third foreign languages (French or German and Chinese) children are also encouraged to learn via action, play and interaction and communication with others, in a natural and fun way that is always within a context and using active methodologies that align with each student’s level.

In a nutshell, our centre offers a student-centred teaching methodology; one that is completely different to anything to be found in other schools. We seek to use English as the first language in everything, and this becomes a central theme throughout students’ schooling. We foster a dynamic atmosphere every single day, and give students answers to real-life issues, rather than focussing on theoretical or abstract models. We make learning fun. And this increases students’ motivation, self-esteem, and reputation. We teach students to think efficiently and optimise their abilities to transfer knowledge to new situations.

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