Colegio Británico de Aragón

Aligned with the future

Changes are unpredictable, but they are also opportunities. At the British School we go beyond academic instruction and language teaching; our school is a place where we are committed to people and shared management of knowledge. WE DESIGN THE FUTURE of our pupils.

We want to have the last word in the Education of our pupils, ensuring people leave our school ready to lead their future, with divergent thinking and ready to work in a global environment.


The British School wanted to make a leap forward in quality educational innovation processes, committing to training and designing a new methodology that reaches out further than the classroom and gradually achieves socialisation of knowledge for all and which does not end up as a reduced format in each of the classrooms.

The paradigm centred on the teachers leads to active teaching, focussing on pupils, and in order to achieve change, we use the essence of teacher training, learning based on projects, managing quality and using indicators, but from the viewpoint of the classroom in order to guarantee a transfer between theory and teaching practices.

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KIVa is an anti-bullying programme based on studies developed at the University of Turku in Finland, financed by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland. The effectiveness of KIVa has been proven in a wide randomly controlled trial. In Finland KIVa is a demanded programme: 90% of all general education schools in the country are registered KIVa schools who implement the programme.

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In the 2014-2015 academic year we implemented a new technologies project based on the Apple ecosystem in a One to One model (one device – one pupil) With around 600 pupils, over 50 active teachers and four years of experience, this project covers the very earliest stages with the “Infantic” project through to the very oldest …

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At this school we work on thinking skills and abilities with different active methodologies. EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMMING and ROBOTICS are the ideal tools to confer continuity to this strategic goal, and to develop computational thinking and digital competence in an attractive, strongly motivating way …

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The British School works for NEW EDUCATION, transforms and guides our pupils so that they learn on the basis of a scientific model, with a better approach towards educational practices.  We create learning scenarios where our pupils come to learn how to learn, experiment, investigate and develop competences.

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