At this school we work on thinking skills and abilities with different active methodologies. EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMMING and ROBOTICS are the ideal tools to confer continuity to this strategic goal, and to develop computational thinking and digital competence in an attractive, strongly motivating way. Thanks to these tools, pupils feel they are the stars of their own learning process, integrating a decisive change in their personal development: becoming creators of technology rather than consumers of technology. In addition to acquiring these digital competences, so necessary for the 21st century, they also develop their creativity, social skills and learn values by having to carry out projects in teams and cooperate with each other.

How do we make this work?

By working on Programming and Educational Robotics in our syllabus, and vertically throughout the school courses, from Primary through to Sixth Form, using mBot , Lego WeDo 2.0 , BQ Zum Box and Arduino Uno and programs like Scratch . We start with very simple activities, and end up building devices during the final year which include programming, robotics and 3D design.

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