TEAM Project


Technological Experience & Active Methodologies

The continued efforts to include new advancements in improved comprehensive learning by our pupils, meant that we implemented the TEAM Project in 2016.

The purpose of the project is to make progress on active methodologies in all classrooms, giving protagonism to pupils in their learning, emphasising the key competences and as a comprehensive approach by the entire school, in accordance with the pupil’s profile.

Consequently, two complementary initiatives have been developed and applied since September 2017:

A. Smart Wednesdays: Every Wednesday during term time, we spend the afternoon doing workshops on multiple intelligences in English and Spanish with varied activities, different groups and cooperation by families. The teachers work a rota so that some of them can hold meetings during this time to design, carry out and assess work projects and undergo training.

B. Advances in active methodologies: A change is gradually ongoing meaning that all years do interdisciplinary projects, with the help of technology (iPad: One to One). Teamwork, resolving problems, effective communication, endeavour, are just some of the skills that are being reinforced through this project.


Our TEAM Project (Technology Experience & Active Methodologies), has been leading the schools methodology change since the 2016-2017 academic year. The availability of technology affords us many possibilities that were previously inconceivable, and education in the 21st century must be kept up-to-date, at the service of our pupils, in order to respond to today’s problems. Active technologies are fundamental for this transformation process. That is our goal, to create a line of work where pupils take control, where they are entrepreneurs, responsible and creative to build their own knowledge. Work by projects, Flipped Classroom or Service Learning, are some of our hallmarks, supported by our new technologies and educational robotics project in Primary education, meaning that the way we see school has completely changed.

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