One to One Project  

In the 2014-2015 academic year we implemented a new technologies project based on the Apple ecosystem in a One to One model (one device – one pupil) With around 600 pupils, over 50 active teachers and four years of experience, this project covers the very earliest stages with the “Infantic” project through to the end of Sixth Form, this project has been fully consolidated, and has undoubtedly been one of the school’s transformation bases in recent years. The use of educational Apps, devices adapted to the needs of our pupils and the education suite “Google Apps for Education” go hand-in-hand with our TEAM Project (Technology Experience & Active Methodologies) to help our pupils develop learning skill in line with the challenges they will have to face in the future, a technological future.

Infantic Project

Digital competence is “discovering information technologies and starting to use them”. With these premises, in 2016 we launched our Infantic Project in line with our One to One Project, with the aim of younger children becoming familiar with technology. Adapted Educational Robotics, iPads by corners or in the 1:1 Infantic model, is a flexible, friendly project that we carry out in the Infant School classrooms to help the children develop their creativity and encourage a responsible use of these devices from an early age. The idea is not to digitalise a classroom where there is already an array of activities, but rather Infantic seeks to educate children in the use of tools that will be fundamental in their Primary Education stage.

TEAM Project

Our TEAM Project (Technology Experience & Active Methodologies), has been leading the schools methodology change since the 2016-2017 academic year. The availability of technology affords us many possibilities that were previously inconceivable, and education in the 21st century must be kept up-to-date, at the service of our pupils, in order to respond to today’s problems. Active technologies are fundamental for this transformation process. That is our goal, to create a line of work where pupils take control, where they are entrepreneurs, responsible and creative to build their own knowledge. Work by projects, Flipped Classroom or Service Learning, are some of our hallmarks, supported by our new technologies and educational robotics project in Primary education, meaning that the way we see school has completely changed.

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