Official English Exams

British School of Aragon

At the British School of Aragon, English is much more than a second language. It forms a part of the students’ life and their environment, becoming a first language for them.

To achieve this, we work all the different facets of the language so that students are constantly improving their speaking, grammar and writing skills.

And to validate the level achieved through our bespoke teaching methodology, students sit the Official State Exams in order to obtain an official certification for their future benefit.


As an Official Preparation Centre for Cambridge English Assessment, we prepare our students to take the exam in our own school:

  1. Starters: year 2 primary
  2. Movers: year 4 primary
  3. Key English Test for schools: Level A2 in year 6 primary
  4. Preliminary English Test for Schools: Level B1 in year 2 secondary
  5. First for Schools: Level B2 in year 4 secondary
  6. Cambridge Advanced English: Level C1 throughout sixth form. And in some cases Proficiency, Level C2.


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