A school with classes in English

British School of Aragon


Más de 10.150 horas en inglés en su etapa educativa


90% de clases en inglés en Infantil  


Certificados oficiales: 6º E.P.: A2 / 2º ESO: B1 / 4º ESO: B2       1 º Bachillerato: C1 / 2º Bachillerato: C2


Programas de intercambio con EE.UU y Reino Unido

We are the only Infant education centre in Zaragoza with 100% native English teachers.

For over 45 years now, The British School of Aragon has been a pioneer in bilingual education. Receiving an education in several languages prepares students well for our increasingly global and international world. In this respect, English is the language that opens most doors in the workplace.

And that is why The British School is equipped to teach classes in English from the very moment your child begins to speak, at just over one year old. Our students receive all their education in English until they are 5 years old, with the exception of Spanish classes, naturally.

At the age of 6, students at The British School have a very solid base in English, which they come to perfect throughout their time at the school. In total, our students receive more than 10,000 hours of classes in English throughout their schooling.

Through the University of Cambridge, the School prepares students to sit the different official exams in English.

Students can sit the official exams from the 2nd year in primary education onwards. In the 6th year of primary school, students take the A2 exam; in recent years the pass rate has been 100%. In the 4th year of secondary education, students take the B2 exam, in which the pass rate is also 100%.

And in sixth form, students are able to take C1 and even C2 exams.

And going beyond the classroom, the School works to further improve students’ language skills and give them greater knowledge of the culture of the English-speaking world. Students, throughout their time at the school, have the chance to participate in different exchange programmes in the United States and the United Kingdom in order to improve their listening and speaking skills and to learn more about the cultures.

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