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British School of Aragon


Más de 1.365 horas en francés en toda su etapa educativa con certificados oficiales


Desde 1º de E.Primaria como segundo idioma.  Certificado en A2 en Secundaria y en B1 en Bachillerato


Programas de intercambio y estancias en Francia para vivir la cultura francesa

The British School is deeply committed to educating students to become multilingual, this being a wonderful proficiency to be able to operate successfully in our increasingly globalised world. First year primary students choose which second language they wish to study throughout their schooling: French or German. French is a very popular language because of Spain’s cultural and geographical links to the country.

At The British School, French is taught from 1st year in primary education. As a second foreign language, students start their learning process with 1 hour of classes per week. As students progress, in secondary and in sixth form, the number of French classes per week increases so as to ensure they obtain the required levels.

In total, throughout their schooling, students choosing this language will receive up to 1365 hours of French classes.

As a school, we specialise in teaching languages. The British School follows the highest quality standards in teaching French. Students are prepared to obtain different official certificates from the Lycée Français that attest to their level of French.

Students also have the chance to sit the different official exams in French to obtain certificates that are issued by the Ministry of Education in France. When students are in their 3rd year of secondary education, they have already been studying French for more than 8 years and have the option to sit the exam to obtain the A2 level. In recent years, the pass rate for this exam varied between 92% and 100%.

And by sixth form, once their level has improved further, students have the option to sit the B1 and even the B2 exams. In recent years, the pass rate for this exam varied between 87.5% and 100%.

And going beyond the classroom, the School works to further improve students’ language skills and give them greater knowledge of French culture. As such, students, throughout their time at the school, have the chance to take part in different exchange programmes in order to improve their listening and speaking skills and to learn more about France.

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