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Canteen services


The school’s commitment is not only to ensure the best possible education for our pupils, in the best possible environment, but also to cover each and every one of the activities they do during the time they spend with us at school.

As a sample of this, we bring your attention to the canteen service. This is not only because the school dinner menu covers the pupils’ nutritional requirements, following criteria of a balanced, healthy diet according to their age, but also because the timetable and the space are laid out to cater for each age group, and are supervised by members of our personnel at all times.

Transport to and from the British School of Aragon

For parents who are unable to bring their children to school or pick them afterwards, we provide a school transport service where you can choose from the nine available routes, the extra-curricular bus or lunchtime bus for pupils in 1st and 2nd Year Sixth Form, as best fits in with your needs.

The routes are revised before each school year to guarantee the best service for all interested families, both those who are already members of our educational community, and the new families, always trying to cover your needs taking into account the viability and occupation on each route.


Section with special dates, preparations or events at which the School, pupils or parents take part.


Check out the pupils’ timetable at the British School. This includes the Infant, Primary, Secondary and Sixth Form timetables.

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