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Colegio Privado Bilingüe en Zaragoza | Colegio Británico de Aragón

 New learning spaces adapted to the methodology and technology we work with

The only school in Zaragoza with International Baccalaureate in English  

Más de 10,150 teching hours in English, 1,365 hours in French or German and 850 hours in Chinese.

Now enrolling for 2020/21

“At the British School of Aragon, we deeply believe multilingualism is key to our students’ future success”

British School of Aragon

Classes in English

At The British School, we teach your child in English from the moment he or she begin to speak at the age of around one year old.

Classes in French

At The British School, we teach French as a second foreign language from the 1st year primary onwards, meaning your child will receive 1365 teaching hours in French throughout his or her schooling.

Classes in German

As with French, we also teach German from the 1st year of primary education onwards, as a second foreign language, giving students a total of 1365 classroom hours in German throughout their time at our school.

Classes in Chinese

Chinese is, beyond any doubt, one of the languages of the future. So, from 1st year primary onwards, we teach our students about both Chinese language and culture.

Private Bilingual School in Zaragoza

The British School of Aragón

A few words from the Headmaster

The British School of Aragon is a warm, dynamic and highly innovative learning community, with a highly committed staff and students that are responsible, polite and able to think for themselves. We make your child’s well-being, personal development and growth our number one priority.
Yours sincerely.

miguel cendegui

The Headmaster

firma director

What we offer

We are a private multilingual centre (not state subsidised), authorised to teach your child throughout their entire school education: from infant education (0-5 years), to primary education (6-11 years), onwards through compulsory secondary education (12-15 years) and ending in our sixth form (16 – 17 years). And for more than 40 years now, we have been providing our students with a successful learning environment and  top quality teaching.

What we offer

It is a private multi-lingual centre, not state subsidised, authorised to teach from Infant Education (0 – 5 years), Primary Education (6 -11 years), Compulsory Secondary Education (12 – 15 years) and Sixth Form (16 – 17 years), which we have been doing for over 40 years, developing our educational project based on quality teaching and successful learning by our pupils.

Why trust in The British School of Aragon?



I face up to and build my life positively

With self confidence and the right amount of self-esteem. That helps me value my achievements, others’ achievements and to establish good social relationships.



I better myself everyday, I never stop learning

I tackle challenges enthusiastically and think critically, without mistakes being frustrating, being another reason to better myself.



I am committed to democratic and social values

That is why I want to contribute to natural and social improvement.

creatividad innovacion


I aim to make and encourage a better world through autonomy

Respect and responsibility, adapting to change in a creative, innovative way.

trabajo equipo


I am ready to take on my professional development

Knowing my strengths and weaknesses, attempting to better myself, being capable of dialogue and teamwork.

nivel academico


I get on successfully

In a wide range of situations, calling on my high academic and cultural level.



I am an effective communicator

I put my ideas across clearly and concisely, thus favouring a connection with others.



I know different languages

And through them, different cultures and this helps me to get on in a global world.

salud fisica mental


I look after my physical and mental health

That is why sport and art are essential in my life. They are a permanent reason behind my personal development and enjoyment.



I am ready to set up my own change agenda

In relation to technological innovation and artificial intelligence, based on knowledge and responsibility.

Some of our awards

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