Welcome to the British School of Aragon

Bilingual private school in Zaragoza

“A new world needs new ways of learning”

our methodology

Motivating, digital and international with a native teacher


Ipad-Mac project with devices for personal use from Primary Education


Our learning spaces respond to our vision of education

International Baccalaureate

The only center in Zaragoza with an International Baccalaureate taught in English

Why you should trust in the British School of Aragon?

  • We prioritize the expression, oral comprehension and phonetics in English in the infantile ages, in addition to the harmonious development of all the capacities of the children.
  • We enhance our students’ attention and motivation towards learning, active engagement and curiosity through active methodologies.
  • We educate critical people in values, commitment and competence with a perfect command of foreign languages
  • We take care of the emotional environment of the students
  • We develop social and communication skills from kindergarten to high school with a vision of an open and global world.
  • In the higher stages we focus the professional development of students to the current world
  • Excellent academic results of our students in the PISA tests and number one of their court and of several subjects in the last selectivity.
  • Quality and passion in our teachers – native in children and a high percentage in the rest of the stages – in constant training, generating their own knowledge and with a methodology adapted to the students
  • Personalized attention close to families
  • Innovative concept in the design of learning spaces to favor homework time throughout the day.

British Baby

from 4 months to 2 years

Dedicated to families who want exceptional and professional care for their young children, attending to all the needs of children from 4 to 24 months.

Infant education

from 2 to 5 years

In children we work on autonomy, responsibility and play for a happy childhood, in which we learn in English discovering the world around us, projects and collaboratively.


Primary education

From 5 to 12

The British College has its own working methodology. We enhance STEAM skills. Ipad Mac project from elementary to high school and educational robotics.

Secondary education

From 12 to 16 years old

We seek to create a solid foundation so that students can function in the best possible way in their future. We continue to bet on the same values ​​that we have defended over time.

Talk to the World!

Languages ​​continue to be the strong commitment of the School, with native teachers and classes that take place in English and that allow students to learn both the language and their accent naturally. French, German and Chinese complete the British language offering.


Native teaching staff like no other center in Aragon. Native tutor throughout the childhood stage. We ensure 10,150 hours of English throughout the school year, with official Cambridge exams from primary to high school (C1-C2). Exchange programs with the US, Canada and the United Kingdom.


More than 1,365 hours in French throughout their educational stage with official certificates. From 1º of Primary E. as a second language. Certificate in A2 in Secondary and in B1 with the possibility of B2 in Baccalaureate. Exchange programs and stays in France to experience French culture.


More than 1,365 hours in German throughout its educational stage with official certificates. From 1st year of Primary as a second language. Certificate in A2 in Secondary and in B1 with the possibility of B2 in Baccalaureate. Exchange programs and stays to experience German culture.


Pioneers in Zaragoza in offering classes in Chinese to our students with more than 850 hours and official certificates. Possibility of traveling to China in summer for Secondary and Baccalaureate. Approach to Chinese culture with activities at school.

International Baccalaureate

At the British School of Aragon we want to always be at the forefront of teaching methods. The international baccalaureate offers enormous possibilities for students.


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"Motivation is part of our DNA"

"We respect the learning rhythms without forcing them"

"The phonetic load is enormous: unbeatable accent with only 5 years"

"We adapt academic content to real life"

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