British School of Aragon Uniform

British School of Aragon Uniform

The school has a compulsory uniform from Infant through to the end of ESO. In Baccalaureate there is no uniform. In Infants it is not compulsory to wear the school uniform, and students may wear the school tracksuit whenever they wish.


All garments can be purchased online or at the INTERSPORT shop, C/ José María Lacarra, 5 (Zaragoza).

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If you have any queries about the uniforms, please contact the school by email

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The complete uniform consists of:

  • Grey cloth trousers, which may be long trousers or Bermuda shorts, and/or checked Bermuda shorts.
  • Skirt or trousers for girls
  • Long or short sleeve polo shirt
  • Jumper or jacket
  • Dining room and classroom smock (only for infants)
  • Coat

Sports kit consisting of tracksuit, shorts and T-shirt (from Primary School onwards the T-shirt and shorts must be the colour of the house they belong to).

As optional items of clothing, both for pupils and school families, a hooded sweatshirt and sports coat may be purchased.

All uniform must be accompanied by shoes (black or blue) and blue or maroon socks or stockings. Accessories (hat, scarf…) must also be blue.

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