Art and music


  • Our own art area, with first class facilities and materials.
  • Visual Art as an optional subject in the International Baccalaureate to develop an artistic university career.


  • Percussion, keyboard and ukulele instruments.
  • British School Choir made up of Primary and Secondary pupils.


From Primary 1 as a curricular subject in English as part of our project-based learning. Our own Art area, with first class facilities and materials.  

aula arte
orientacion innovacion


Curricular subject from 1st Primary to 3rd ESO and optional in IB. Our subject is part of interdisciplinary and solidarity projects. 

Visual Art

All students who have a special interest in pursuing a career in the field of art or design have the opportunity to study Visual Art as a subject in our International Baccalaureate.

From the age of 6 our pupils receive an art education which forms a fundamental basis for their academic development. We consider art to be a key cross-curricular subject, fostering creativity, observation and visualisation skills, which are essential at all stages of education.

In both Primary and Secondary Art as a subject forms an integral part of our project-based learning education system.

One to One

Our Art area is one of the first spaces you will find when you enter the new Primary and Secondary building, with first class facilities and materials. We are alongside the Robotics, Technology and Science areas, and it is clear to see how Art is seen as key to all of these subjects.


Thanks to the One to One Project (a personal iPad or MAC device for each pupil to use as a working tool) and the development of new technology based teaching we have been able to further extend the artistic experience with digital art in the classroom to all levels from Primary 1 onwards.

At our school, Art is taught in English at all stages, thus providing a double preparation in English and Art.

At Británico we are committed to a broad and dynamic art education, providing opportunities for experiences based on experimentation and practice with different artistic techniques and styles, always emphasising the artistic process.


Music is a fundamental discipline for the integral education of students, as it fosters their cognitive, creative, intellectual and social development.

Learning music enhances the multiple intelligences needed to develop other disciplines. It is taught from Primary 1 to Secondary 3 as a compulsory subject, and is optional in the International Baccalaureate.

The music classroom is equipped with all the necessary resources. The facilities are modern and adapted to the practice of music, with a soundproofed classroom and different musical instruments for individual use.

Instrumental practice at the British School of Aragon includes percussion, keyboard and ukulele instruments. Dancing, body language and singing are also essential in Musical education and we encourage this at the school through instrumental and vocal groups.

Musical activity is also present in different school activities, with interdisciplinary and solidarity projects.


British Choir

coro britanico aragon

The British School Choir is made up of Primary and Secondary pupils. It gives concerts both inside and outside the school and is particularly active in the Choir Days at the Zaragoza Auditorium. There is also a Choir Club in the Smart Wednesdays Programme and a Pre-choir in 1st and 2nd Primary School. Its repertoire is varied and is directed by the music teachers Petit Ciruelos and Ana Val.

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