Quality Certificates

Quality Certificates of British School of Aragon

From the very outset, The British School of Aragon has been committed to being a centre of excellence. We seek to offer high-quality, well-rounded and multilingual education founded on our principles and values. Here are just some of the certificates we have been awarded; these demonstrate our ongoing daily commitment to our students and our goals.



Quality is one of the pillars of the British. In the email calidad@britanico-aragon.edu you can contact our department for any suggestion or query
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At the British School we believe in the power of alliances and for this reason we are part of associations and maintain strategic alliances with important companies and institutions

Seal of excellence aragon

Gold Seal of Excellence Aragón Empresa
Awarded by the Government of Aragon, the British school receives the highest distinction with this seal that recognizes the commitment to excellence. </ p >

sello excelencia europea

EFQM 500+
The first school to receive the Excellence +400 seal according to the European quality model.

sello centro kiva

Business Excellence Award 2019
In the category of non-profit entities awarded by the Government of Aragon through the Aragonese Development Institute

sello efqm

EFQM 5 Stars Recognition of Excellence EFQM brings together organizations that fight for sustainable excellence

sello escalae

College associated with ACADE
Association of Autonomous Centers for Private Education

sello cicae

College associated with CICAE Association of International Independent Private Schools

sello escalae

Highlighted school in Best Schools in Spain Educational portal that collects the best schools nationwide.

sello escalae

Excellence in Management Club

Organization dedicated to improving the management and corporate results of organizations and that makes its partners benchmarks in their sectors.

sello escalae

Goethe Institut

Through the Goethe Institut, the school prepares students for the different official certificates in German.

sello escalae

Confucius Institute of Zaragoza

Through of the Confucius Institute of Zaragoza , at school we prepare students for the different official certificates in Chinese.

sello escalae

Forbes 50 best school in Spain

The British School voted best school in Aragon by Forbes magazine. The prestigious magazine has published its ranking of the 50 best schools in Spain, where the British School appears in 19th place. 

sello cicae


Alliance with Basket Zaragoza through scholarships for Basket Zaragoza players.


sello cicae

RSA Seal. Center certified with the Aragón de Aragón Empresa Social Responsibility seal. Download the RSA 2020 report here

sello cicae

Institut Français of Zaragoza

Through the Institut Français de Zaragoza the school prepares students for the different official certificates in French.

sello cicae

International Baccalaureate

We are School of the World, all our students study the International Baccalaureate and we are the only school in Zaragoza that offers the Diploma Programme in English.

sello cicae

Partnership for the development of the customer experience

DEC is the first Spanish-speaking non-profit professional organization that promotes the development and implementation of best practices and the pursuit of excellence in Customer Experience.


sello escalae


We are part of the Association of Managers and Executives of Aragon with more than 1.200 members

sello cicae


We are members of the Zaragoza Chamber of Commerce Club, which brings together more than 1,000 companies.


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