How do we learn at the CBA?

How we learn at the British School?

Our brain learns better than any current machine and cannot stop learning. Channeling and promoting this learning towards the four pillars of education (learning to be, learning to know, learning to do and learning to learn) is our fundamental task, but how?


Currently, in education, an educational approach based on evidence and the contributions of neuroscience is being demanded. Our educational practice is guided by all this, adapting it to our reality and our project.

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The teaching staff at the British School of Aragon define our pedagogical model based on accumulated experience and continuous reflection and training.

Our own Pedagogical Model

Personalizing teaching

The great challenge is to attend to the diversity of all pupils through the same educational proposals. Proposals such as the combination of strategies to access learning (visual, auditory, written, manipulative), diversity of resources, flexibility in space and time and cooperative learning make this a reality in our classrooms.

Taking care of the emotional sphere

Emotions are relevant in themselves and also modulate learning. We emphasise the incorporation of emotions in the curriculum, we address them in a specific tutoring programme, we develop dynamics on intelligent Wednesday afternoons and, above all, we promote a good climate in the centre and in the classroom where relationships with teachers and among pupils are cared for.

Approaching learning as a process of guided discovery

Each child constructs his or her knowledge and our task is to optimise this construction. We guide their process with appropriate questions and a good grading and curricular structure that we review periodically for improvement. 

Adjusting the learning linked to plastic windows in sensitive periods

Emphasising oral expression and comprehension and phonetics at infant ages, not being in a hurry with reading and writing, tackling text comprehension in primary school, enriching vocabulary throughout schooling, are some examples of the adequacy between our curricular decisions and what we know about when it is optimal to carry out a learning process.

Encouraging attention and motivation

Encouraging attention and motivation for learning, active engagement and curiosity through active methodologies such as project-based learning, challenge-based learning, problem-based learning, case studies, scientific method and service-learning.

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