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At the British School our Psychopedagogical Guidance Department contributes to the integral and personalized education of all pupils, with special emphasis on emotional aspects.



Due to COVID-19, our priority was, is and will be the emotional well-being of the educational community, paying special attention to the pupils.

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This department is made up of two professional counsellors in Psychology and Psychopedagogy who cover the stages of Infant and Primary Education as well as the stages of Compulsory Secondary Education and National-International Baccalaureate.


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Welcome programme for new students coming from other schools or other countries. Taking into account the adaptation period, including socio-cultural, emotional and academic aspects.  Considering the need to carry out language immersion work in Spanish and/or English.

Supporting the learning process of the students, through prevention and detection of needs and difficulties. Including active methodologies (Project-Based Learning, Cooperative Learning, Service-Learning, Game-Based Learning, gamification, ICT-based learning).

Attention to students with specific learning difficulties.  Through Individualised Classroom Support, Reinforcement Programmes and active methodologies.

Development and enhancement of the individualised profile of the pupils as well as permanent attention to possible needs and specific measures of attention to diversity.

Coordination with external institutions and professionals.

Vocational and Professional Guidance Programme. To advise pupils and families and to promote professional skills in pupils for their integration into the increasingly globalised world of work. Through a programme developed in Secondary Education, the International Baccalaureate promotes this profile in pupils for their access to universities around the world.

Guidance and Tutorial Action Plan: Development in students of skills related to Learning to Be and Coexist, Learning to Learn and Learning to Decide. With special attention to the competences related to Education in Values and the Emotional Well-being of students.

Coexistence Plan that promotes student cohesion through the development of civic values as well as tools for the prevention and resolution of coexistence conflicts. Special mention should be made of the Peer Mediation programme in the Primary and Secondary stages, the Prevention of Bullying, the Emotional Development of pupils, Natural and Environmental Awareness, as well as Healthy Eating Habits and Civility.


Advice and training for teachers in their teaching process.

Guidelines for personalised attention to students in their academic, personal and social development (included in the Diversity Attention Plan).

Coordination and collaboration with the teaching staff to carry out Tutorial Action including the competences related to Learning to Be and Coexist, Learning to Learn and Learning to Decide (including Vocational-Professional Guidance).

Coordination of the Coexistence Plan which includes the programmes of Peer Mediation, Prevention of Bullying, Emotional Development of pupils, Natural and Environmental Awareness, as well as Eating, Healthy and Urban Habits considered as SDGs within the 2030 Agenda.


Personal and individualised support and advice.  Accompanying families individually in the development of their children and any queries and needs that may arise.

“School for families. Training and information on topics of interest: Emotional Education, Habits of autonomy, sleep, food, study, healthy use of screens, Improving the academic performance of our children, Coexistence and social skills, Play time and family enjoyment,…

Information and accompaniment in the change of educational stage (from Infant to Primary Education, from Primary to Secondary Education and to International Baccalaureate).

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