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Interdisciplinary Projects

We develop interdisciplinary projects where we bring together students from different classes. These innovative projects are research projects where we learn, teach and at the same time, promote values such as companionship, respect, solidarity, perseverance, sportsmanship and equality.


We are also keen for families to participate in our projects and feel that physical education is an important pillar of our school.

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We place great value on health through physical activity with the aim of ensuring that our pupils, once they have finished their school years, have a wide range of leisure and sporting activities to do with enthusiasm and a healthy lifestyle.

Hockey Project

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For the last two years, we have been working with the Hockey Project, from 1st EP to 1st ESO where they have a hockey session every 15 days.

The main objective is for our school to become, in the future, the flagship of hockey in Aragon.

The international projection has the academic objective that our students can access scholarships in the USA in their final years of secondary and high school, and the possibility of pursuing university studies in American campuses.

Events with tradition

Two of the school’s most traditional and special events are the Cross Country race, which is a long distance run around the school. Students spend a morning running and cheering on the rest of the classes.

Sport Day: is an age-appropriate athletics event where pupils spend a whole day enjoying the outdoors, competing and enjoying the competitions. At the end of the day each stage plays a fun game to round off a very special day.

In addition, every year we add activity projects where we involve the whole school – we are always on the move!


We also have unique facilities, in the heart of nature. The natural environment around us is another element of learning, and so we take advantage of it to carry out many outdoor activities, enjoying a healthy environment and in contact with a natural environment.

From Physical Education we continue to reinforce the profile of the school’s pupils by highlighting their self-confidence, valuing their achievements and those of others, improving themselves day by day, committing themselves to the natural environment, getting to know their strengths and weaknesses with a desire for self-improvement and teamwork and taking care of their physical and mental health.

We guide students to use their motor, cognitive and affective abilities and resources to get to know themselves, value their body image and boost their self-esteem, adopting a critical attitude towards the treatment of the body and physical and sporting practices in the social context.



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Another added value to our classes is that all our sessions are taught in English, demonstrating that Physical Education is a great way to master conversation in English between the students and the teacher

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