White Week Activities

White Week Programme: “LEARN IN WHITE”

Every day we board the bus waiting outside our accommodation and travel to Cerler ski resort, entering the slopes at the Ampriu zone, which avoids having to use the ski lift with all our equipment. Upon leaving the bus, students and the accompanying monitors are already right by the slopes, next to the facilities building (dining area, cafe, toilets, lockers, medical services, etc.) with different options of ski levels and the corresponding ski lifts and chairlifts.


All the equipment is stored at the ski resort, thus making it easier for us to ski down the slopes making it more convenient and less tiring for the pupils. Students are accompanied by teachers and monitors belonging to the school’s Department of Extracurricular Activities and who oversee the students’ safety and take care of their needs at all times.

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zonas colegio britanico


Staff are perfectly coordinated in situ at all times by the head of the activities Ángel Artal who communicates daily with families about the group’s progress and posts images on our BLOG relating to White Week in the Extracurricular Activities blog section.

Relevant information

OBJECTIVES To learn and/or improve skiing / snowboarding techniques, and to view the outdoors as a source of cultural richness and leisure, respecting the environment and group discipline. To engage and collaborate in a group, developing autonomy and personal identity, showing respect to teachers, monitors, resort staff and the general public.

DATES: Last week in February.

PLACE: CERLER Ski Resort. Staying in Benasque Mountain School.

FOR: Primary School students in years 3 to 6.

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