A school with German classes

British School of Aragon in German

  • More than 1,365 hours in German throughout their educational stage with official certificates.
  • From 1st year of Primary as a second language. Certificate in A2 in Secondary and in B1 in Baccalaureate.
  • Exchange programs and stays in Germany to experience German culture

Bilingual education

For more than 45 years now, The British School has been committed to schooling students to become multilingual, this being an essential skill for them to be able to operate successfully in our increasingly globalised world. First year Primary students choose which second language they wish to study throughout their schooling: French or German.

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German classes

At The British School, German is taught to students from the start in primary education; it is during this stage that children have their greatest capacity for learning. They start with 1 hour of German classes per week. During secondary education and sixth form, the number of hours increases accordingly so that students reach the required levels.

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In total, throughout their schooling, students choosing this language will receive up to 1365 hours of German classes.

As a centre specialising in languages, The British School adheres to the highest standards of quality in teaching German to its students. As such, students are prepared to obtain different official certificates from the Goethe-Institut, which certifies their knowledge of German.

Good evidence of the success of this system is the age at which students sit the official Telc Deutsch Schule exams. When students are in 3rd year in secondary education, they have already been studying German for more than 8 years and have the option to sit the exam to obtain the A2 level. In recent years, the pass rate for this exam has been between 90 and 100%.

And by sixth form, once their level has further improved, students have the option to sit the B1, and even the B2, exam. In recent years, the pass rate for this exam has been 100%.

However, above and beyond the classes, the School works to further improve students’ language skills and give them greater knowledge of the German culture. As such, students, throughout their time in school, can benefit from various exchange programmes in order to improve their listening and speaking skills and to learn more about Germany.

Official Exams in British School of Aragon

German is another of the languages with great potential that we encourage at the British School of Aragon.

We work using our own methodology that helps students learn the language naturally and dynamically in order to develop solid strategies that guarantee a mastery of German.

Students in year 1 in primary education choose the second language that they wish to study throughout their schooling: French or German.

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Pupils can take the official TELC Deutsch exams

  1. Telc Deutsch Schule: Level A2 in year 3 secondary
  2. Telc Deutsch Schule: Level B1 in year 1 sixth form and in some cases pupils take Level B2 adult.

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