The British School of Aragon is a private school which has been developing its educational project based on quality teaching, innovation, values and foreign languages since 1974.

    The CBA

    Our bilingual school is based on quality teaching, innovation and values.

    clase britanico

    About the centre

    colegio britanico aragon

    The CBA aims to be a centre for individual and collective personal development, for its students, employees and families, where creativity and critical thinking are the driving forces of a flexible, dynamic and up-to-date teaching offer, of high quality, with continuous training processes, in an open and plural way, and closely linked to the needs of its environment.

    A benchmark in the teaching of foreign languages and in academic, social and information technology skills, innovation, a model of excellence and a national and international benchmark of the values assumed by the institution to collaborate in sustainable development and committed to the environment, natural resources, society and the business world.

    An institution that creates and disseminates critical, participative and supportive cultural habits and forms, through the expansion of the ordinary curriculum and the extension of the family curriculum.

    A school with highly qualified, motivated and enthusiastic human resources, with a strong sense of belonging and pride in the institution.

    A centre that generates synergies and alliances with other schools and institutions, as well as with different interest groups in the cultural, scientific, educational and technological fields, with the aim of generating programmes and projects of local, provincial, regional, national and international interest.

    Institution with adequate infrastructures, efficiently used spaces and sufficient financial resources to carry out its functions.

    An institution recognized nationally and internationally for its effectiveness, efficiency, excellence, competence and strong commitment to the environment, which trains young people with a sense of solidarity capable of contributing to creating a better world.

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