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According to the RAE, a bit is a unit of measurement of quantity of information, equivalent to the choice between two equally probable possibilities. Translated into words closer to our everyday vocabulary, the Bit is the basis of computing and the technology that makes this world evolve.


At the British School we go beyond academic instruction and language teaching, it is a place where we are committed to people, creativity and shared knowledge management.

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Educational robotics

From the infant stage, where the first steps are taken with the support of simple and manipulative code sequences with the school’s own project “Like a Robot”, to educational robotics which is introduced as a taught subject in the primary stage with one hour a week. Lego WeDO hardware, Arduino, MBot and Lego Mindstorms boards support our system in which we understand robotics as a model to develop computational thinking and logic in our students. Our students discover, analyse, question, build, share and improve their work. Meanwhile, they are growing in the basic skills needed to function in a changing world.

iPad/Mac Project

We surround ourselves with technology from primary to high school in order to reach a level of depth in the projects in which these devices will become another part of their case and where we will always answer the question: is technology improving their learning process?

With this premise, we work on video editing, audio, 3D digital drawing, augmented reality, documents, collaboration and productivity apps that prepare students for the reality of the business sector.

Technology and ICTs

Curricular from 2nd ESO and until the end of secondary school supports the entire technological project of the school, focusing on developing experiences where digital content is the protagonist and with a view to supporting and professionalising their classroom projects.

We are talking about creating websites, building models, graphic design, AR experiences… Supported by 3D printers and the necessary software resources, we are able to develop even further this knowledge of what is known as STEM.

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