The British School Houses

British School and Houses

The House Head was a teacher who was in charge of looking after the pupils. The other teachers were assigned to the different houses.

One pupil in each house was chosen to lead the house as Captain, because of his/her qualities. He/She was in charge of organising activities and encouraging interest and participation by house members.

House history

At the end of the 19th century pupils at private schools in England lived in the residence halls next to the school. The pupils were divided up and the responsibility for them lay with the teachers.

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British School Houses

On the back of this tradition, the British School of Aragon adopted the “Houses System” and created three houses, Costa, Goya and Shakespeare, in honour of two famed Aragonese men and the great English writer, whose colours are blue, green and red respectively.

The British School Houses 


The British School of Aragon has three houses, called Costa, Goya and Shakespeare, in honour of two famous Aragonese personalities and the great English writer, represented by their standards and slogans, as well as identifying each sports equipment of each pupil, coinciding with the colours of their house.

Each pupil from Year 1 Primary to 2nd Year Sixth Form is assigned to a House, which compete in healthy competitions, lead by their House Captains in sports, leisure and cultural activities in accordance with the objectives set for the year.

At the end of the school year the House Cup award ceremony is held, where the prestigious awards are delivered to those who have scored most points throughout the year. The Cup is collected by the winning House Captain, and is on display throughout the year with the House Colours in the School Hall.

casa costa

Costa House

Alejandra Rubio and Pablo Romaní 


Goya House

Ángela Montaner and Jorge Villacampa 

casa shakespeare

Shakespeare House

Patricia Abenia and Lucas Felder 

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