Exchanges in British School of Aragon


Language exchanges are the quickest and most fun way of improving command of foreign languages – particularly speaking skills. These exchanges have been the backbone of the British School of Aragon for many years.


Foreign Language

Through these exchange programmes, the school’s pupils are able to put their language into practice and meet people of the same age with similar interests, fears and ambitions.

intercambios britanico
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Life in another country

This contact helps them to discover themselves and realise that they are capable of making decisions for themselves, resolving daily issues in another country.

We are currently able to offer exchanges from Year One Secondary School through to Sixth Form, with the exchanges periods differing according to the age of the pupils, in European countries, United Kingdom and United States, with the aim of pupils at the British School of Aragon completing their education at the school with a wider, more realistic vision of what it means to be a 21st century European citizen.

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