One to One Project

iPad – Mac Project

Thanks to this, all the pupils in the Primary, Secondary and Baccalaureate stages of the school have a personal iPad/Mac device for school use. We want to adapt the device to each stage, taking advantage of its full potential depending on the level of development of our students, so these devices are divided into three main blocks.


The “One to One” project has been a hallmark of our school since 2014, when we decided to go for Apple digital devices as the best technology for our students.

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Our aim is to get the most out of our methodology, relying on the best technology to enable the development of our projects, redefining the concept of the classroom, where spaces and groupings are flexible to adapt to each activity.

About the project

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From 1st EP to 4th EP they have the latest generation 128gb iPad.

From 5th grade and up to 3rd ESO, in addition to this iPad 128gb device, the students have Apple Pencil for their personal use. This device allows them to interact in a much more professional way adapted to the needs of these stages. Together with the Goodnotes App provided by the school and many other software tools, students have everything they need to take this tool to the next level.

From 4th ESO and throughout the International Baccalaureate, the school provides students with a 256gb Macbook Air. This device allows them to adapt to the demands of a baccalaureate in which research, content creation and the development of their own projects are fundamental.

Team Project

The British School is also committed to the best software for the creation of educational content such as the use of chroma, video editing, graphic design, 3D and other digital resources fully managed by the school without any extra cost for the family.

In addition, we have the educational suite “Google Apps for Education” which, together with our TEAM Project (Technology Experience & Active Methodologies), helps our students to develop learning that responds to the challenges they will have to face in the future, a future that is clearly technological.

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